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Toyota Hilux and Fortuner Mild Hybrid Technology

Mild Hybrid Toyota Hilux and Fortuner go on sale

By on 20 Mar 2024

Toyota have introduced mild hybrid electrification to their Hilux and Fortuner range. The Hilux and Fortuner 48V promise greater efficiency, improved performance and enhanced comfort across all driving conditions.

By adding a 48V system to the Hilux and Fortuner, Toyota are strengthening their inclusive multi-technology approach to carbon neutrality as Toyota believe that all customers need a variety of affordable and practical options, including those that utilise commercial and off-road vehicles.

Retaining the same Hilux double cab and Fortuner look, the 48V makes a forceful and compelling impression in the bakkie and SUV segments.

The addition of 48V technology
The powerful 2.8 litre diesel engine has been strengthened by the addition of a new 48V hybrid system that has been specifically designed for the unique demands of Toyota’s double cab and SUV drivers.
The engine drives a compact motor generator using a belt system, which in turn charges the new 48V lithium battery, located under the rear seat. This 48V battery also supplies the vehicle’s 12V system through a new DC/DC converter.

As with Toyota’s other hybrid models this battery is recharged during deceleration, efficiently regenerating braking energy that would otherwise be lost, whilst also adding additional braking performance. When fully charged, the battery sends up to 12kW and 65Nm through the motor generator to the engine to enhance acceleration, power and efficiency.
Combining the motor generator to the proven DOHC, 16 valve, 2.8-litre diesel engine results in a total output of 150kW at 3 400rpm and 500Nm between 1 600rpm and 2 800rpm. All 48V models are paired with a six-speed automatic transmission.

This new 48V model promises responsive acceleration, improved braking performance and greater fuel efficiency with a smoother ride, whether on the road or when tackling tough terrain.
In an urban environment, the additional power of the 48V hybrid system contributes to better throttle response and linear acceleration, particularly from a standstill, while regenerative braking creates a more effective and natural deceleration feel.

In addition, an enhanced stop-start system allows the engine to remain off for longer periods, which coupled with the benefits of the hybrid 48V system, improves fuel efficiency by up to 5% compared to a conventional non-electrified diesel powertrain.

The improved stop-start system also ensures a more comfortable driving experience in traffic, thanks to quicker throttle response from standstill and a quieter engine restart, thanks to the fact that the motor generator is constantly connected to the engine and is utilised for restarting the engine, enabling the engine to restart in a shorter time.

In off-road environments the motor generator is said to allow for smoother acceleration when negotiating rough terrain while regenerative braking supports safer downhill manoeuvring, with engine idle speed reduced from 720rpm to 600rpm, which also increases the driver’s ability to easily control the vehicle.

For the first time on Hilux and Fortuner, the new Multi-terrain Select system assists in providing even better performance and control by giving the driver the option to adjust vehicle stability control settings according to specific driving conditions.

No compromises

The improved hybrid efficiency and driving performance come with no compromise on towing and payload capacity of the double cab.
As with the conventionally powered models in the range, the 48V with its body-on-frame architecture and ladder-frame chassis, delivers outstanding durability and torsional rigidity.

Model range and pricing

Pricing includes a three-year/100 000km warranty and nine-services/90 000km service plan

Hilux GD-6 RB Raider 6AT MHEV R774 800
Hilux GD-6 4x4 Raider 6AT MHEV R866 00
Hilux GD-6 RB Legend 6AT MHEV R869 100
Hilux GD-6 4x4 Legend 6AT MHEV R921 800
Hilux GD-6 RB Legend RS 6AT MHEV R967 500
Hilux GD-6 4x4 Legend RS 6AT MHEV R1 023 400
Hilux GD-6 4x4 Legend 6AT MHEV R921 800
Fortuner GD-6 RB 6AT MHEV R834 800
Fortuner GD-6 RB 6AT MHEV BT R845 300
Fortuner GD-6 RB VX 6AT MHEV R879 300
Fortuner GD-6 RB VX 6AT MHEV BT R889 800
Fortuner GD-6 4x4 6AT MHEV R918 600
Fortuner GD-6 4x4 6AT MHEV BT R929 100
Fortuner GD-6 4x4 VX 6AT MHEV R961 800
Fortuner GD-6 4x4 VX 6AT MHEV BT R972 300

Credit: Reuben van Niekerk

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