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Datsun Go CVT Launched

One of the consequences of recent rapid urbanisation has been the explosion of heavy traffic congestion in bigger towns and cities. If you live in one

By Thami Masemola on 13 Dec 2019
One of the consequences of recent rapid urbanisation has been the explosion of heavy traffic congestion in bigger towns and cities. If you live in one of the large metros, including Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and Tshwane, you will know what this means. Motorists have now tended to turn towards automatic cars, because they are easier to drive in heavy traffic. Well, Datsun now has an offer in this growing sub-segment.

Previously only bigger, more expensive cars were offered as automatics, but over the past few years this genre has grown downwards towards the entry-level segment. The new Datsun Go was launched over a year ago, but only as a manual. Now the brand has launched a continuously variable transmission or CVT option to attract those buyers whose left feet simply cannot endure clutch control anymore.

But what exactly is CVT? CVT is a vehicle transmission system with a variable gear for different driving situations. It allows for seamless gear shifting, according to Datsun. Those who have experience with this sort of transmission will tell you that it basically makes the car feel like it is stuck in first gear, even as it changes through the infinite gears. It certainly takes some getting used to, but is a breeze to drive once you do. The gear lever itself is placed just below the dashboard for ease of access.

Datsun has not really changed the car’s other powertrain features, such as the engine and drivetrain. Therefore the Go CVT is still powered by the same naturally aspirated (no turbo) 1.2-litre engine, but now power is up to 57kW, while maximum torque remains at 104Nm. Datsun reckons you will be able to get, on average, 5 litres per 100km of driving from the Go CVT. Its 0 – 100km/h sprint time will be over 14 seconds, which really should not matter to a buyer in this segment.

What this buyer really cares about is that they are getting a modern, spunky vehicle for good value for money. In this regard they can then be assured of items like a 17.8cm touch screen for the infotainment system that comes with radio, Android Auto, Apple Carplay, USB port and Bluetooth connectivity. There are now six exterior paint colours, including the striking new Vivid Blue.

Safety is also quite a big thing in this segment and so Datsun has installed things like LED daytime running lights, follow me home lights, ABS with EBD and brake assist, Vehicle Dynamic Control, Electronic Stability Control, a rear parking sensor and two front airbags.

When the Datsun Go was first launched in Mzansi, some motoring media complained about its lack of safety features. With the new car those have been addressed adequately for this level of car. And as far as over 32 500 South Africans are concerned, the Go is the car to have. Just add CVT for convenience.

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