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The Best Cars For Dads

These four cars, with four different body shapes, are great for fathers

By on 12 Jun 2024

A Dad’s car needs to fulfil many roles, it needs to be able to safely transport the family to school or on holiday, be a reliable work commuter and help with DIY tasks over the weekend. And while one could argue that almost any car could fulfil this role, why not opt for something that continues to stir the petrol in a father’s veins while getting the job done.

These four cars, representing four different body shapes, will make Dad feel appreciated, allow him to live out his motoring dreams and in many cases also get the jobs done that a Dads car is required to do.

Toyota Hilux

Dads and bakkies go together like braaivleis and a lamp chop, they are simply a match made in heaven. The Toyota Hilux is the undisputed bakkie leader in South Africa and it has been for many years. This means that there are a myriad of models and derivatives to be found in the new and pre-owned markets at various price points and mileage milestones, allowing Dads to easily find the Hilux that meets their needs and budget.

The Hilux is a great all-rounder, its workhorse underpinnings mean that it won’t shy away from any work or leisure task, while the SUV like cabin is able to transport families in comfort and safety. The Hilux has a solid reputation for reliability and dependability, making it a trustworthy partner for work and family duties. The Hilux is also renowned for its great resale value, which makes it as good an investment as a car can be and which also contributes to an affordable cost of ownership. A Hilux in any shape or form is a great tool for modern Dads.

Land Rover Defender

The Land Rover Defender was an off-road icon and a vehicle that evolved from utilitarian roots into a facilitator of adventure. 100s of Dads took families on adventures in these and cherished their basic nature which made them a never say die companion. The Defender was sold for almost 30 years before eventually being discontinued, but these classic models still have a cult following and are increasing in value every year as enthusiasts cling onto this piece of off-roading nostalgia.

However, a few years ago Land Rover launched a modern incarnation of the Defender, and this new model could be the ultimate car for Dads. The modern Land Rover Defender is a thoroughly modern SUV that can cater for a families every need, while still being a stylish vehicle to drive in. While the Defender is now thoroughly modern it has also not lost any of its off-road ability thanks to fancy electronic systems that help it to get the job done, ensuring that it remains one of the best off-road vehicles on the road today. This ability along with a premium, luxury interior means that the Defender is able to transport Dads and families to any occasion, across any terrain in style and comfort, making it one of the ultimate cars for fathers.

Audi RS4

While South Africans are crazy about SUVs, the station wagon or Estate body shape does still make a lot of sense. Station wagons or Estates are a rather rare sight on our roads these days, but the Germans do still have a penchant for a fast estate. The Audi RS4 is one of the few still available in SA and it combines SUV like space and practicality along with super car killing performance. The Audi RS4 is equipped with a twin-turbo V6 that offers a mighty 331kW and 600Nm allowing it to sprint to 100 in under 4 seconds. Not bad for a car that can comfortably seat four people and their holiday luggage.

The Audi RS4 allows Dads to get the job done of commuting to work, dropping kids at school and facilitating holiday adventures while still having a great amount of fun while doing so. The RS4 is the perfect tool for transforming the mundane into the manic, making it a perfect choice for Dads who have petrol gushing through their veins.

Porsche 911

While the perfect car for Dads needs to tick many boxes regarding family life, Dads also deserve to be spoilt and to drive a car that does only one thing and that is prioritise driver enjoyment. A low slung, two door sports car might be a bit of a cliché, but it is a great way to have fun behind the wheel of a car and the Porsche 911 is one of the best examples of this recipe. The Porsche 911 has been on sale for over 60 years now and over that time the Porsche 911 has always represented a true driver’s car. With subtle improvements every few years the 911 has been perfected in an evolutionary fashion, ensuring that it always remains relevant and ready to offer driving thrills. For Dads who have space in their garage for a second car or for those Dads whose children now drive themselves, the Porsche 911 is the perfect everyday sports car.

Credit: Reuben van Niekerk
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