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Ora 300 Super Luxury - Poised to pounce

A closer look at the most affordable passenger EV currently on sale in South Africa

By on 16 Oct 2023
Also badged as the Good Cat or even Funky Cat in certain markets, the new Ora 03, as it’ll sell in South Africa, is an all-electric city car from Chinese automaker GWM. As with its SUV brand Haval, GWM will sell its burgeoning portfolio of all-electric products under the Ora brand name.

Boasting distinct, quirky-looking exterior styling and an impressively well-put-together interior that includes premium-feeling materials throughout, the Ora is built on the brand’s LEMON (really) platform that is engineered to accommodate both an internal combustion engine, as well as potential hydrogen fuel cell powertrain. As an EV, the Ora 3 is offered in South Africa in four derivatives, with the entry-level 300 Super Luxury assuming the title of the most affordable all-electric passenger car in the market.

With a similar footprint though slightly taller than a modern VW Golf, with the Ora already on sale in overseas markets including the UK, this means that the car also boasts a full EuroNCAP crash safety rating, where many of the cars sourced for South Africa from markets like China and India make do with affiliated crash safety regulations.

The entry-level Ora 300 Super Luxury is fitted with a 48-kWh battery and a single electric that powers the car’s front wheels. Offering an operating range of up to 310 km on a single charge, this derivative also features various driving modes aimed at maximising range, including a so-called single pedal application. Here, the driver can manipulate either the throttle or the braking system exclusively via the accelerator pedal.

The interior of this 5-door hatchback features a pair of 10.25-inch infotainment displays, one for the instrumentation and the other hosting a comprehensive bouquet of infotainment systems, including smartphone mirroring and climate control settings.

The 300 Super Luxury is joined in the local line-up by a 400 Super Luxury, a 400 Ultra Luxury and a 400 GT Ultra Luxury model, each fitted with a larger 63 kWh battery for increased range compared with the 300. This latter flagship derivative introduces a sporty body kit, a bespoke interior application and even a launch control function.

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