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The all New Renault Triber

RenaultSouth Africa is growing quite rapidly, defying the “French curse” in this country. It has taken them many years to get there, but they have don

By Thami Masemola on 02 Mar 2020
Renault South Africa is growing quite rapidly, defying the “French curse” in this country. It has taken them
many years to get there, but they have done it. For example, the company plans on selling about 27 000
cars in this country this year, averaging about 2 200 units a month. This is certainly possible, as figures
show Renault SA averaging above 2 000 over the past three months. And with the new Triber in its fleet,
those numbers can only go higher.

To get the negative out of the way, the new Triber is no performance car by any means. The engine is small and lacks overtaking power. Even take-off is lethargic and it will need a serious boost from the right foot to get it going. But once it gets going, it cruises along just fine. The engine in question is a small 1.0-litre which is naturally aspirated, meaning it lacks the extra boost provided by a turbocharger. Maximum power delivered by this engine is 52kW at 6 250rpm, while torque is 96Nm at 3 500rpm. The rest of the powertrain is courtesy of a 5-speed manual gearbox and the 14-inch front wheels. Renault has not supplied the 0 – 100km/h sprint time, or the top speed. However, we can assure you that the Triber can go over 120km/h, which is the national speed limit. More importantly is the average consumption figure, which is said to be 5.5 litres per 100km.

So what is this Triber and what makes it different? Renault says the Triber is not a hatch, not an SUV either, but it may straddle both worlds. A major feature that it comes with are 7 seats. Indeed, a small car of less than 4 metres in length, 1.6m height and 1.7m width is not known for this kind of seating capacity, but the Triber does have it. Apparently over 100 seating configurations are possible, including 5-seat mode with a 625 litre boot.

Triber is being offered in three trim levels; Expression, Dynamique, and Prestige, with the latter being the highest-spec. Some of the standard features across the range include power steering, front driver and passenger airbags, ABS brakes with EBD, rear parking sensors, remote central locking, front power windows, air conditioning in all three rows, a cooled centre console, radio with Bluetooth connectivity and others. Higher-spec models even come fitted with reversing cameras and a 20.3cm touch screen infotainment system with satellite navigation.

The new Renault Triber – sourced from India for our market – is poised to sell in large numbers. It does need some real torque under the bonnet and a turbocharged engine would do the trick. Better yet, a diesel/automatic combo. While Renault would not be drawn into the true potential buyers of the Triber, excluding the larger families with special space needs of course, we reckon the local taxi and school children transport industries are currently procuring 7-seat vehicles in high numbers, and Renault is keen to take its own.

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