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2022 South African car of the year top 25 finalist

Top 25 Finalists

By Carfind (Pty) LTD on 16 Feb 2022
The South African Guild of Motoring Journalists, which organises the South African Car of the Year competition, has announced 25 finalists for the 2022 Car of the Year. Since 1986 the SAGMJ has been running this competition, and this year New Energy category will represent a wider range of vehicles. That specific category is of interest because it showcases cars powered by Hybrid or full-electric technology.

“This year’s COTY finalists show us the tremendous speed of research and development in the automotive industry,” says Carl Wepener, Chairman of the SAGMJ. “The finalists represent the best of the best in South Africa, and we are eager to see who the winners of this year’s competition will be.”

Toyota is leading the way with the most finalists at six, followed by Hyundai with five. One might mistakenly believe the winner would be coming from these two. Nothing could be further from the truth. On testing days a winner could come from any of the other brands, even those with just one contender in the entire competition.

Jury members have a tough task ahead of them as they will go on to whittle the numbers down to manageable levels for the final round of scoring, which will go on until early April. Members of the public also have a say in this through the Motor Enthusiasts’ Choice vote, while Lightstone will provide extra data needed to make the final decisions.

These are the 25 Finalists and their Categories:

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